Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi! We've decided to update some stuff on our blog. We're going to have a post schedule. We might not post every week but we'll try :)

Posting Schedule:

We also might get a new design soon. I'm not sure though.

Do you want to join? Please visit the join us! page and email us.

Thank you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Who is PUMPED For Catching Fire??!!

Hi! I'm bad at posts, aren't I? :P Who likes the Hunger Games? Well guess what? The sequel comes out this November! Midnight premiere anyone? ;)

I have seen some cast photos, and they are terrific! I highly suggest you read the books! :) This film tells about Katniss' second Hunger Games adventure, you meet some new characters and the plot 'thickens'!

Here ares some photos I have found from the set, hear this, it's filmed in Hawaii!
one scene in Catching Fire     Catching Fire Reveals Two

hunger-games-catching-fire-Games: Catching Fire - Fan

We get to meet Finnick Odair! Here's a joke, "Where's Finnick? Odair he is!" xD

I highly suggest the Hunger Games series, you will certainly enjoy them!

Have a super sweet day! <3