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I'm a ten-year-old girl who loves dancing, writing and acting. I live in Alaska with my mom, dad two brothers and one sister. My favorite animal is a cat and I love reading candy apple, Madison Finn, Harry Potter, Michael Vey and lots more! My favorite type of dance would probably be hip hop, ,it's hard though because I really like ballet and tap too. I really like all types of dances really though!
My picture:

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Hi there! I am a twelve year old girl who is full of randomness! I love the Hunger Games, writing, reading and making my friends laugh. I like to dance, my favorite type is tap! I'm helping to contribute to this blog with my friends Meg and Hannah :) I'm a girl who has had many misadventues, which we all have right? Things don't always turn out how they are supposed to, but that's the beauty of life!

Here are some pictures that I think reflect my funny yet amazing personality and life~

So true :DExactly. Thieves of joy. :P Some good friends they are :P It's really unexplainable. When you actually realize their fictional- T.T Every single time xD

Well, yeah xD I'm very complicated :P

 I can't wait to hear from all the readers out there!
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I'm Lydia. I'm christian, 10 years old, and homeschooled. I enjoy writing, reading, blogging, and photography. I LOVE Star Trek: TOS and my favorite movie is Frozen. Pictures ~

Sees you guyZ laters!!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Hannah and Asmita coming soon!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting your picture and biography.

  2. I have to fix my age xD I am 12 now :)

    1. Awesome! Happy Birthday!

    2. Oh and you and Hannah are still admins so you can update anytime you like. :)