Friday, March 1, 2013

Basketball Girls!

Hi! Since this week we are posting about hobbies, I will be posting about basketball! I like basketball because it is very exciting and you always can improve! We can do drills/practices, but the part I really love is the games! You can compete against other teams, always being a good sport! :)

Women's Basketball Gear Alot of people think girls can't play, but I feel more enthusiastic about something when people say I can't do it xD Girls actually rule the scene at my gym! :D

Girls Nike Dunk HighWe wear hightop shoes for support. (They are fashionable too xD)

  Basketball can be played by as I play as a guard, small people rock XD

YouthIt is a really awesome feeling when you make a shot, it is so rewarding! Girls CAN play!
 If someone tells you you can't do something, do all you can to prove them wrong ;)
What hobbies do you like?

I will be posting next Friday, keep an eye out! ;)

Have a super sweet day! :)

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  1. Thanks for posting! I like basket ball too(even though I'm not really good at it.
    Have a good day as well,