Friday, February 8, 2013

Taylor Swift

Hi! Since today is Friday, it's time for me to post! :) Today in school, we picked ideas for our posters, and guess what I chose? Taylor Swift! :) I love Taylor and I think she is an inspiring girl. Once in school, I was about to flip when someone said Taylor has dated 100's of boys, when she has only dated 7. Learn to count people xD

Taylor Swift She is from Nashville, and sings a mix of pop and country.

taylor swift affair

Taylor Swift straight hair

Take a look at this song list! Her songs are addictive, I wear my headphones and jam out all day on the weekends xD
Some of my favorite songs by her include....... Today was a Fairytale  ~ Enchanted ~Mary's Song (Oh My My My)  ~Invisible  ~ Innocent  ~Jump then Fall  ~ I'd Lie  ~ I <3 ? ~ A Perfectly Good Heart <3  ~ Crazier  ~ Fifteen  ~ Haunted

And that's just a few ;)

I hope you listen and give her a chance!

Have a super sweet day! <3


  1. I a LOVE Taylor Swift! Those are some great songs. :)Thanks for posting!

  2. woa. she's dated more than seven guys now! i much prefer her new songs from Red, they're not so country, and more pop which is what i like! but the above songs are pretty cool too :)
    nice blog! :)