Friday, February 15, 2013

"The Best Day!"

How did your Valentine's day go? Mine was so-so, at least it wasn't a disaster :P We had a party and attacked some cupcakes xD  I got a box of SweetHearts and I got one candy and it stuck out to me, know why? It is the title of a Taylor Swift song! I probably sound psycho don't I? xD

                                                     Look at my psycho pictures xD

The Best Day is a really sweet song about growing up.
Also, I would like to welcome Asmita to the blog! Asmita is a really sweet and kind girl who has an awesome blog! I can't wait to see her post! If anyone wants to join us, feel free to email one of us :)
Hearts Flying Free by
Hope you had a nice Valentine's day! :D
Have a super sweet day! :)


  1. I had a good day celebrating it wit my mom :p Your pics r looking cool Kassidy! Thanks a lot for calling me a sweet person you are really kind and sweet aswell :) <3


  2. Awesome! I'll try to post mine soon :)