Wednesday, April 17, 2013

About me!

I know its not my day to post, but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me!!!
 I am 11! ( Turning 12 soon! <3 ) I love music! I sing, and play piano! I play softball, and LOVE it! :)
Animals love me... Even if I don't like them... Lol! :D I love writing! This is my blog.  I like reading, and photography!

This is one of my pictures that I took of my cousin

I love horses! I wish that I had one! I have ridden one, but I don't think; riding a horse in a circle, while someone is holding a rope attached to you, counts! :)
I really want a new camera! If anyone knows about good cameras let me know!
  I am a christian! I like all different types of music! I exaggerate a lot.. Haha! But who dosent?
I will probably transfer this to the about me page later! :)


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  1. Hi Kayla, be sure to take part in my first blog carnival!