Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi, Hope here!

Hey girls!  It's Hope, and I'm new to Friendship Diaries!  I will be writing on Wednesday's.
So this week, I don't know the specific theme, so I thought about introducing myself!  Here we go:
Hi!  My name is Hope (some call me PrincessAG, AGPrincess) and I LOVE American Girl!  I have 4 AG (American Girl) dolls, and 1 OG (Our Generation) doll, Ruthie (Smithens), Mallory (MAG, My American Girl), Kit (Kittredge) & Caroline (Abbot).  My OG doll is Sydney Lee.

I also love acting, singing, dancing, fashion, shopping & cheerleading!  You can shoot me an email at , and follow my blog at ! :) 

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